Interview @ Heimspiel TV

In April we were visiting the responsible delegate for love and harmony, answering all the relevant and urgent questions related to the world of reggae: Which are the destinations of reggae pilgrimage (with a surprising, but logical answer)? Is there a connection between the number of facebook-likes and the musical quality of a band? What about Oxford English and Reggae?

Stay also tuned for a couple of songs of Looney Roots @ Heimspiel TV!

Looney Roots Recording Diary Part 3

We’ve finally finished up with recording! Happy about that, however there are still steps to go until we can present our first album to you lovely people. After finalising stuff, we will hand over the tracks to a reggae mastermind for the mastering.

Until that, please have a look at part 3 of our official recording diary including the recording of lead guitars and percussions.

Stay tuned!